We focus on technology.  You focus on what you do best.

Nonprofit Organizations play an important role in our society, building strong communities by connecting and supporting people locally and around the world.  Technology has become a vital asset within these organizations, helping them to create new opportunities for growth and outreach by directly engaging their members and supporters.  Despite this importance, nonprofits need to focus their attention primarily on their mission and goals, and don’t always have the resources available to create the mobile apps, websites, and platforms that are increasingly forming the backbones of their organizations.

This is why Calliope was founded

We strive to be more than a contractor or consultant – we want to be your technology partner.  We invest a significant amount of time truly understanding your purpose at its core, working with you to devise and develop technical solutions that will make a real difference to your organization and your constituents. Our goal is to work alongside you, augmenting your business with the digital tools you need to continue to grow and prosper.

Strategy and Consultation


Determining the role technology plays in the long and short term goals of your organization.

Custom Development

custom development.jpg

Developing custom Web and Mobile Apps to extend tools to your constituents.

Maintenance and Support


Ensuring your applications are safe, secure, and running smoothly when critically needed.