With technology playing an ever increasing role in your organization, we understand that not everyone is positioned to manage software projects internally.  At the same time, there is a natural reluctance to engage an outside company that might not share the same values or have the same consideration for your purpose and goals.  At Calliope, we want to be more than just a vendor - we want to be your technology partner.  Ideally, we want to act as an extension of your company, working alongside you to develop and support your initiatives now and into the future.


Strategy and Consultation

While all software companies have technical expertise, that is only part of the equation.  In order to truly assist your organization, we need to have a comprehensive understanding of your mission and your goals.  When we first engage with our clients, we invest a significant amount of time upfront learning their business, what drives them, and what makes them unique.  As we build upon this knowledge, we can engage our skill set to propose strategies for building software and services that dovetail with both the long term and short term goals of the organization.  We make it a point to revisit these goals quarterly, ensuring we are on the right path and adjusting to any changing conditions and priorities.

Located in the New York Metropolitan Area, we are readily available to meet in person to discuss your business, the problems you are trying to solve, and your upcoming projects.


Software Development

Our teams bring a broad range of skills to the projects we work on, with specialties in the following technologies:


  • Vaadin
  • Laravel
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Django


  • Java
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Python


  • Desktop PC and Mac
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android Phones and Tablets


  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Magento

Software development is a collaborative process.  We begin by working with you to define the project, and design the functionality and user interface.  Once actual coding begins, we regularly share our progress and demo our work to you at regular intervals.  This transparency ensures that we are meeting your expectations, and allows us to actively incorporate any feedback or ideas during development instead of afterward.  All software is meticulously tested by our quality assurance team before it is handed off to you, ensuring the highest quality.


Maintenance and Support

Your relationship with Calliope extends beyond new projects and development.  Software isn't static, and it's important to make sure your technology investment is maintained and supported in the long term.  This includes regular site monitoring, security updates, and performance enhancements.

We have staff available to you 24x7 by phone and email to resolve any issues ranging from basic support to critical problems.  Our teams are well positioned to respond, armed with the knowledge of your projects and your company.  We understand that you have constituents that you need to support, and we will do everything in our power to ensure you are successful.